Sunday, 23 June 2019

APEX Page Processing when buttons have similar names

When a button on page has a name which is contained in another button's name (for example button "SAVE" and another button "SAVE_AND_CONFIRM") be careful with defining Server-side condition for page process, computations or branches when Type is "Request is contained in Value".

If Value of Server-side condition is "SAVE_AND_CONFIRM" (so we want for example to execute page process when button "SAVE_AND_CONFIRM" is pressed) process will be executed also when button "SAVE" is pressed. I presume that this is happening because APEX is using LIKE operator to check if request is contained in value... and in our example SAVE is contained in both button names/requests.

My quick (and maybe dirty solution) was to rename button "SAVE_AND_CONFIRM" to "SV_AND_CONFIRM".